Codecember 2019: Patterns

This project is heavily inspired by a Japanese book of patterns from 1825 by Hokusai (he made The Great Wave off Kanagawa) (that one Japanese painting you know about) (with the wave). The book is called 新形小紋帳 (shingata komon-chō). According to a friend of mine it means something along the lines of “New Forms of Fine Patterns [Book]”. According to this post these patterns were used for komon, which is a type of kimono with a small repeating pattern. This makes sense because “komon” literally means “fine pattern” (like in the name of the book). This feels like a good opportunity to mention that “kimono” literally means “thing to wear”.

I found out about this book through a tweet by a stationary store in London(???). The book is available online and apparently The British Museum has a copy. The Sumida Hokusai Museum in Tokyo probably also has a copy and that copy is in a cooler looking building.

Here's a good video that encapsulates the vibe of this project.